the beginning of a new semester

So far this semester has been filled with a lot of excitement! I am only a couple weeks in so I have not made a complete project yet, but the in class activities I have done that lead into further projects have helped me learn and grow a lot! One thing I explored and picked up quickly on is a website called “scratch.” Scratch is a block based visual programming language and online community where children ranging from 7 and up can create their own interactive stories, games, animations and so much more. Scratch allows children to learn coding concepts and create interactive projects without needing to learn a text-based programming language. Many schools even use it as part of the curriculum. As I progressed in my own scratch creations, it made me realize how quickly kids can pick up on learning something new. I came across many small trials and confusions within my own project, but discovered many kids younger than me already knew the answer and how to solve some of the issues I came across.

The animated story I created on scratch was no where near as advanced as the children can create. But I am still learning and will continue to as I progress and create more projects.

Here I have recreated a well known story of how Ash Ketchum got his first pokemon, Pikachu! I have titled it Pokemon Episode 1. (Instructions on how to view are within the link and story.)  Sounds and music were pulled from youtube and images were either drawn or found on Google.  Being my first full project on scratch, there is a few minor hiccups, but I really enjoyed creating this and am really proud of it. Super excited to conintue working with scratch!


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