expanded media…

This semester I decided to take a video class. I myself have not been very interested in video art, but I do have to say I have not been exposed to much video art in my life, and neither the history of it. Since I was younger I have always been a painter, so this past summer I challenged myself to step out of my own comfort zone and pushed myself to take other classes to learn different medias. Last semester I took ceramics. I quickly found a new love for clay and throwing. It was like a second nature for me and I fell in love with it. I made tons of bowl and mugs and sculptures big and small, some were for a grade and were submitted, but some projects I made on the side for myself and practice.  It was such a great experience and was also actually really therapeutic and calming. I do plan on returning to ceramics in the future. But this semester, I am taking a video class. Now I am terrible with technology. I for one don’t rely on computers or technology to do work for me. I am more of a hands on person and want full control of everything I am doing. I want my art physically in my hands, and I would rather get my hands dirty and do that type of hard work. So this class… it has been a challenge for me. but I am getting the hang of it rather quickly and everything I am learning has been very useful. Today my first project was due, a themed series. I went ahead and did a video of my family and I doing things. At first I wanted to have the project based off of footage that I secretly took without my family knowing that way I captured moments that were pure and true to their character. The theme would have been a type of spying and hidden camera feeling, but while in the process I noticed a common theme carried throughout the footage I collected was the type of music we listen to rahter often. I did not notice this until I was editing the footage and a light bulb appeared over my head and turned my whole project into a different direction. I’m actually really satisfied with the results and letting the footage speak for itself.

the video has been uploaded to youtube, and can be found at this link.

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