Gif making

Earlier last week I caught the flu… I was stuck in bed for almost a week. So unfortunately I had to miss class. The day I missed, my professor gave tutorials and discussed how to make GIFs. The assignment to create a gif wasn’t due until the following week so I wasn’t toooooo worried about it. I knew I could go to class the following meeting and get help from my fellow classmates. Unfortunately the following class meetings were just as jam packed and we didn’t have much work time aside from the work we were doing those days in class. So it was up to myself to make a gif and catch up on anything I missed. I sat down and looked within our course website and luckily my professor uploaded a tutorial video on how to make a simple gif. I followed step by step exactly what the video was explaining and with just my luck, I taught myself how to make a gif! the first gif I made was a simple gif of a ball traveling from one corner, to another. I didn’t have many issues creating the first gif since I followed step by step. And here it is.


I used photoshop to create this gif. I had no idea I could make a gif on photoshop, I thought I was only able to edit photos on photoshop! So that was another thing I learned. After creating the ball gif, I wanted to create another by myself. I didn’t know exactly where to start or what to even make so I googled some ideas and came across a couple Pokemón gifs. I found one I really liked of a character named Pikachu, doing a little dance. I decided to take baby steps since I am fairly new to making gifs and just remake the one I found. I drew a couple frames and sooner or later, I remade the gif! It was really exciting to create my own gif because I use gifs a lot in my everyday life, especially when texting or on social media. Here is the Pikachu gif I created:


I was a little nervous to make a gif since I missed the class we were introduced to gifs. It seems a little hard but I caught on quickly and am really proud of these gifs I made! Of course I’m super excited about these and will most likely continue making them in the future!

My professor also had us upload our gifs to an HP reveal app to give our gifs an aura effect!

here is the link to my aura!

If you download the HP Reveal app and follow the instructions on your phone, you can see my aura! if not, search for me in the HP Reveal app, my username is: ashycx

This was a great learning experience and I’m excited for where the gifs will be contributed in my next projects!

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