Learning and Digital Media

So far my digital media class has been a mini tornado of learning! alot of information has been delivered but thankfully I’ve been able to keep up. so here is a glimpse of one thing I recently worked on.

A couple weeks ago I learned how to use micro:bit and moto:bit along with scratch.

(This link further explains what micro:bit is and how to use it.)

Once I learned, (somewhat learned) how to use microbit and motobit, I incorporated my learning into my next project, Toy Take Apart! In my toy take apart project I had to literally take apart a toy and make it my own by adding any type of motors and/or LED lights. I had soooooo many ideas running through my mind I had a lot of trouble deciding what to do and where to even start. Since I was still fairly new to micro and moto bit, I decided to take baby steps and then come back to my toy and work into motors later on. I can definitely say the assignment was a great learning experience. Being able to take over and gear myself into my own learning and basically do whatever I wanted, gave me the ability to self learn. Like I said I didn’t know very much about micro and moto bit, but since I was given the time to sit down and mess with everything, I was abke to figured a lot out as I went along with my programming.

I started out with a simple plush stegosaurus dinosaur, and my final product was the same dinosaur, programmed to have 4 LED lights turn on and off when designated buttons were to be pressed. I went through many different options and a lot of trial and errors, (which included and accidental exploding of an LED light)


It was a funny accident, everyone learns from their mistakes of course.

Once that happened, it was like a light bulb appeared over my head and I knew exactly what to do after that. I attached the LED lights to the motobit, and the motobit to the microbit and came up with this:


I programmed 4 LED lights to turn on when the button “A” is pressed and turn off when button “B” is pressed. I then cut open the dinosaur and sewed velcro onto its back so when the LED lights were installed, the buttons to turn on and off the LED lights were accessible. destuffing


The feeling of the final assemblage was very rewarding and a big sigh of relief.  I was super proud of myself and I’m excited to soon incorporate motors into the toy!

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