beginning of the impossible

In my digital media class I will soon be working on an IMPOSSIBLE project. It was introduced last week and I have began the brain storming phase. The Impossible project is something I will be working on, to make something that pushes my curiosity. My only limits are to incorporate the past material inquiries I have been given, and also to not know how to do what I am proposing. So for example if I were to propose a project where I would build a tv, I must not know how to build a tv before I begin the project. It is a learning experience where I will think of something that seems entirely impossible to me and make it possible! (Hopefully) Of course it is not required to come to a finishing point where I achieve what I proposed, for example ACTUALLY have built a working tv from scratch, because it is all about the learning process. It would be very great to have completed what I proposed but I do not also want to overwhelm myself so therefore it is not required to be perfect and done.

I have had a couple ideas under my sleeve that I came up with while brainstorming that include:

-building a mini pottery wheel

-building a mini kiln

-building an oil diffuser

A student last semester did build a mini pottery wheel already so I would not want to copy her idea or anything, so I might go with building an oil diffuser, containing a switch to turn the oil diffuser on and off and also a switch to change the color LED light settings. And if I’m feeling super creative and up for it, I might throw in a speaker that connects with an aux cord, maybe even bluetooth. It seems SUPER impossible for me so hopefully this proposal is acceptable.

I’m really excited about working on this project soon!

But in the mean time, I’m currently working on a material inquiry activity called Interface. I’m instructed to build a physical computing assemblage with materials I have already explored in class — Scratch programming, circuits, switches, and microcontrollers. I will engage the overlap between computational materials (e.g., code & circuits) and traditional art materials (e.g., drawing, painting, collage) to make an interactive story element.

So far I have started by testing the waters so I won’t end up overwhelming myself. I have a story element including a cry for help and spiderman coming down, hanging by a web.


I have a built in simple parallel circuit connected with copper tape and a makey-makey. (similar to the microbit)

IMG_6937.JPG IMG_6933.JPG IMG_6938.JPG

My next step I want to incorporate a more advanced button switch and more story elements included in scratch.

So I will continue working on the interface activity and soon start on my impossible project! Updates on my progess will be posted, so stay tuned! 🙂

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