The beginning of the impossible

So… I gave up.

My first initial idea was just too much for me. I researched a lot and looked into everything and I think building my own oil diffuser will just be too much for me. It would be a fun experience and very satisfying once completing, but I just think it would be too much for me and at some point I would have wanted to pull my hair out.

Fortunately, on April 9th I had an interview in San Antonio for a summer teaching job. As my supervisor and I were going over the lesson plans and curriculum I will be delivering during June and July, I had a sudden spark and knew exactly what to do instead! One of the activities had to do with msuic and stuffed animals, (sort of like a hot potato game) and a light bulb appeared over my head instantly! (not literally) for my impossible project I am now going to make my own stuffed animal out of sherpa and fiber, (most likely a teddy bear) and put in a speaker so the animal will be able to talk through a prerecorded sound. I have purchased everything needed, all the material and stuffing, and the programmable speaker will be coming in the mail soon! and just for fun, I also ordered a motor that acts as a heart beat for my stuffed animal! I’m a lot more excited to start on this project than the other one. I already know how to sew (somewhat) so I will be teaching myself how to use a sewing machine for this project! Sewing machiens have always been a fear of mine actually. I have one at home but it just sits there because I have always been afraid to use it. But this is my learning curve and I’m gld it will help me overcome my fears!

At the beginning of every class my professor will ask us one by one in our table discussion where we are at with our projects, what’s coming next, what is working and what isn’t, etc. On Aprill 11th I went into class and was not afraid to say I gave up. It was a  learning experience, rather a small one, but it was better for me to simply give up and try something a bit more realistic rather than continuing the diffuser project and practically burning myself out. Of course the objective is not to come to a completion and a perfect set and done project, but to at least come close to it, with some learning. But I knew it would be very difficult so I decided to change my project completely. I was able to share that with my classmates and show them it is okay to change it up a bit. (maybe at least while its still early in the time frame)

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