Impossible update

So far my impossible project is coming along GREAT! Unfortunately I was not able to use my sisters’ sewing machine, we cannot find the peddle ANYWHERE. But that did push my to perfect the little sewing skills I already have. My sewing has gotten a lot better, and I have even gotten faster! I also have been messing with my speaker component, and finally figured it out! After a couple wiring fixes, my speaker is up and ready to go! For now, I have added Minecraft music to test it out. Although I might change it to a sweet message prerecorded by my father. He passed away 3 years ago, but I have a couple voicemails of him saying “I love you, and I miss you!” saved onto my home computer. So if everything works out, I want to convert those voicemails and program them into the speaker component and add it to my teddy bear.


I have completed my bears’ head and I am now working into piecing together the body!


My bear will soon be completed by the looks of it. If I have spare time to kill, I want to design a tshirt to put on my bear that lights up using a lily pad circuit and conductive thread! It may be a little challenge, I have to make sure nothing is short circuited or I might catch something on fire since its direct contact with fabric. But it seems like a fun idea!

PS. while working on this project I have actually been listening to minecraft music. A while back one of my professors played it during class and I realized it really made me calm and focused. So I continued listening to this music and it has been really helping me remain focused even through any bumps in the road that I have come across. Which is also why I programmed the bear to play minecraft music for now. The music calmed me while working so I figured it would calm me to sleep also.

More updates on my bear coming soon!


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