Another Impossible Update

So my impossible project is coming to a near end! I had many trails and errors, for example I bought the wrong shade of sherpa fabric so my bear would have almost been two different shades of brown! But luckily Michael’s craft store still had one last bundle of sherpa in the right shade I needed. A couple of times I also sewed the wrong pieces in the wrong places or even backwards. For example I sewed the bears’ arms where its legs should be, and had to unstitch it all and back track a little bit, refer to the pattern I found on the internet and start again. I screamed (just a little bit) to let the frustration out but luckily it was an easy fix!

This is where I am currently at and how far I’ve gotten with the bear:

The bears body has been completely assembled (just needing the bottom feet, then adding face details! (nose and eyes))

What I am currently working is finishing the body then inserting the speaker component. My plan for the speaker component is to make an internal pocket in the bears arm to hold the speaker. The wire is to be hanging out and leading into the bears arm/ hand so when the hand is squished/ pressed, the music/ sound will play!

an update on the sound, unfortunately I checked all over our home computer and could not find the voicemail audios from my dad. They could possibly be in our other computer that is in Austin, but I won’t have time to travel to Austin anytime soon. So for now, I will be leaving the music I already have programmed in it and hopefully when the voicemails are found I can switch it!

What’s next:

So while I’ve been working on this I have been thinking about the learning object that I will use while teaching in my classroom that involves this project. I’m thinking about creating my own handout that shows the different methods of sewing and also a how-to on speaker circuits. I want it to look free and sketchy like I took it out of a sketchbook. So I will most likely be drawing pieces of it and scanning it into InDesign or PhotoShop to create my handout.


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