The Possible

I have done it! I have completed my impossible project and made it POSSIBLE!!

My bear has finally been completed and I’m super happy with the results. The last class day I worked on this, I created the internal pockets that I sketched out, and attatched them inside the bear.

They worked successfully! I then added a nose and eyes to the bears face, stuffed it, then closed it up, and done!!

It was really satisfying being able to see the impossible become possible. When I was younger I always wanted to make my own stuffed animal. I always attempted but never was successful. So finally creating this made the child in me very happy and filled with tears of joy.

The night I completed the bear I was watching the movie Christopher Robin on Netflix and couldn’t help but notice how much my bear resembled Winnie the Pooh! So that brings me to the What’s next? portion of this project…

WHAT’S NEXT: after completing this project, I now plan to look into the speaker device and see how I would be able to program multiple sounds into the speaker. As of right now I only have one sound being able to be played, but I want to explore the option of having more. I also plan on making a red T-shirt for my bear that possibly lights up, also by pushing a button or switch, to resemble Winnie the Pooh, but adding the lights as my own personal touch! I will also be working on the learning objective handout I mentioned before that I will be using in my handout.

I noticed when I presented my completed bear and passed it around the classroom, everyone stopped to take a moment and hug it. After a week of cramming to finish up projects, lesson plans, activites in multiple classes, I’m glad my bear was able to reduce some anxieties and frustrations from my classmates. I will for sure bring this type of project or lesson into a classroom to help the students take a break from their normal studies.

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